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ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share

Posted by sylumer, Last update 11 days ago


Welcome to the ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share Action Group. It may well be a little different to other action groups that you may have used, so please do read these instructions.

Quick Start: MUST DO!

First of all, before you use any this action group, you must ensure that you have downloaded the core ThoughtAsylum Action Group and run the TAD-Setup/Refresh action in that action group. That action will download some JavaScript libraries that are used by all of the action groups in the ThoughtAsylum action group suite.

About This Action Group

The export/import/share action group contains actions to help you get data into and out of Drafts in various formats. They allow you to do things such as manage the clipboard and import content from files. This action group should be useful to everyone who uses Drafts.

Action Groups in the ThoughtAsylum Action Group Suite

The following action groups are available in the ThoughtAsylum Action Group Suite (TAAGS):

  • ThoughtAsylum: Core action group required by the other group; essential for all Drafts users using these action groups.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Writing: Actions to help you create content; useful for all Drafts users.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Management: Actions to help you manage your drafts; useful for all Drafts users.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share: Actions to help you share and import content; useful for all Drafts users.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Trove: Actions to help you work with and control the Drafts app; useful for all Drafts users.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Tasks & Lists: Actions to help you manage your tasks and checklists in Drafts; useful for all Drafts users.
  • ThoughtAsylum - Power User: For advanced users wanting to script and extend Drafts’ capabilities.


The following keywords are used to help Drafts users, like you, find this action group in the action directory as the action names for groups are not included in the search.

Append, Bear, Clipboard, Copy, Example, Export, Extend, External, Fetch, File, Filename, Filepath, Git, GitHub, Gist, HTML, Import, Insert, Lat/Lon, Latitude, Link, Load, Location, Longitude, Modified, MultiMarkdown, New, Open, Paste, Plain, Populate, Prefix, Prepend, Selection, Share, Simple, Suffix, Syntax, Tag, Tags, Taskpaper, Text, Time, Timestamp, Title, URL, UUID, Version

Legal Stuff & Coffee

This action group and the library are of course entirely free for you to use, though full details of licensing, including the licensing for some referenced code libraries and code are available on the TADpoLe Library site.

However, some people do like to give back, and so if you do find this action group and the TADpoLe library useful, you can donate to my coffee fund. I enjoy working when I can from coffee shops where I live (York, UK), and many of my best ideas and results have likely been fuelled by caffeine.

Donate a coffee
Donate a coffee

Included Actions

  • Instructions
  • TAD-Instructions (Export/Import/Share)
  • Populate Clipboard
  • TAD-Copy Current Line(s)
  • TAD-Cut Current Line(s)
  • TAD-Copy Previous Line
  • TAD-Cut Previous Line
  • TAD-Copy Next Line
  • TAD-Cut Next Line
  • TAD-Copy Title
  • TAD-Copy Body
  • TAD-Copy All
  • TAD-Copy All as HTML
  • TAD-Copy Tags
  • TAD-Copy UUID
  • TAD-Copy MD Headings
  • TAD-Copy Draft Link
  • TAD-Copy Current Latitude & Longitude
  • TAD-Copy Draft Creation Latitude & Longitude
  • TAD-Copy Draft Modified Latitude & Longitude
  • TAD-Copy Drafts Version
  • TAD-Copy Drafts & System Info
  • TAD-Copy Drafts & System Info MD
  • TAD-Copy Recent Draft Info
  • TAD-Convert Clipboard from Markdown to HTML
  • TAD-Extended Copy
  • TAD-Extended Cut
  • Share as Content
  • TAD-Share as Text
  • TAD-Share as HTML
  • TAD-Share Selection/Draft (Text)
  • TAD-Share Selection/Draft (HTML)
  • Share as File
  • TAD-Share as File: Generic
  • TAD-Share as File: Syntax
  • TAD-Share as File: Text
  • TAD-Share as File: Markdown
  • TAD-Share as File: Multi-Markdown
  • TAD-Share as File: HTML
  • TAD-Share as File: Taskpaper
  • Clipboard
  • TAD-Clear Clipboard
  • TAD-Prepend Selection to Clipboard
  • TAD-Append Selection to Clipboard
  • File Import
  • TAD-File Import With Tags
  • Bear
  • TAD-Copy Bear Tags
  • TAD-Export Selection to Bear
  • TAD-Export Draft to Bear
  • TAD-Import Note From Bear
  • TAD-Import Notes From Bear
  • TAD-Bear Grab Selected URL
  • TAD-Bear Grab Clipboard URL
  • GitHub
  • TAD-Push Draft to GitHub Repo
  • TAD-Fetch GitHub Repo File
  • TAD-Create GitHub Gist from Draft
  • TAD-Fetch GitHub Gist Files
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