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Track time v2

Posted by @scripts4drafts, Last update about 5 years ago

This group of actions is version 2 of the Track time actions

It’s purpose is to track time in a single draft made of successive timestamped entries.

It’s also to track actions that are noted inside the draft and shared from there to other apps. Drafts basically is ‘where text starts’. These actions make Drafts also ‘where action starts’.

You’ll find the 3 actions of version 1:
- ‘Plus’ button (the new entry button) to create a new entry
- ‘clock’ button to insert time
- ‘down arrow’ button (the goto end button) to go straight to the end of draft

There are 3 other buttons:
- ‘down arrow to bracket’ button (the action button) to add an action in the draft after the current line
- ‘right arrow to bracket’ button (the edit button) to edit the current line with customized functions
- ‘right arrow from bracket’ button (the share button) to share the current line to other apps through customized functions

All the buttons are in the keyboard Track time v2. They automatically update the timestamps and durations of the previous and current entry.

The following text is extracted from a draft using the Track time v2 group:

2019-04-05-Fri 09:30 =>00:24
Hello world. This is my first entry. I created it with the new entry button.
Tapping the new entry once more creates the following entry and automatically updates the timestamp of this one.

2019-04-05-Fri 09:54 =>00:24
Of course, you can modify the timestamp of an entry. The duration and the previous entry timestamp will be updated with a tap of whatever Track time v2 button.
Tapping the action button brings a menu I can navigate to quickly pick the customized action I want.
For instance:
Example : this word was just called with one tap on the action button and another one with OK button.
You can set yourself the actions in the List of actions draft. Tapping the action button for the first time will ask you to create it automatically.

2019-04-05-Fri 10:18 =>00:07
New entry. New example of what the action button can do:
Example : this word was just called with one tap on the action button and another one with OK button
Wow same line than in previous entry in 2 taps ? Yes. Each time you add a customized action, you’ll find it later in the menu of action button (with the Recent button).

2019-04-05-Fri 10:25 =>00:03
Another example of action button:
? Do this
This action was automatically sent to iOS Reminder. This function is customized in script #2 of the Action ‘New action A4D v2´. You can customize whatever action you want and add them in the List of actions draft to call them quickly when you need them.

2019-04-05-Fri 10:28 =>00:06
What about the edit button ?
> Just write your text and tap the edit button, select the > one, and there you are.
Play with other buttons in the edit button, and add some more in the List of edits draft (it’s created the first time you tap the edit button).
Same than actions, you can customize functions associated with buttons in script #2 of the Action 'New edit A4D v2’.

2019-04-05-Fri 10:34 =>00:06
And finally, the new share button.
⬆️ Write a text. Tap the share button, then the ⬆️ button. It launches the iOS share extensions. You can now send this line to any app in your device.
Play with other buttons in the share button, and add some more in the List of shares draft (it’s created the first time you tap the share button).
10:37 the time was inserted with the clock button.

2019-04-05-Fri 10:40 =>00:05
Another example of the edit button.
I copy the url to the Drafts Community. Drafts Community
Then I select the Drafts Community words above. I tap the edit button, then the ? button. The link to the Drafts Community is added at the end of the line.
? This entry is now in my Calendar !
Thanks to the share button :)
Thank you Drafts to make all this possible.

Included Actions

  • New entry A4D v2
  • New action A4D v2
  • New edit A4D v2
  • New share A4D v2
  • New timestamp A4D v2
  • Goto end of draft A4D v2
  • includeAction
  • Init A4D v2
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