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Posted by @scripts4drafts, Last update over 5 years ago

I wrote these actions to track time in a single draft.

The draft is made of successive and chronological entries. The entries are separated by ‘***’. The first line of each entry is a timestamp (yyyy-mm-dd-day HH:MM) and displays the duration ( =>HH:MM) to the next entry. You can edit the separator and the timestamp format at the beginning of the Init script (with ‘gearing’ icon).

The first action (with a ‘plus’ icon) creates a new timestamped entry right after the one where the cursor is (the current entry).

The second action (with a ‘clock’ icon) updates the timestamp of the current entry. When the cursor is not on the timestamp line, this action also inserts the time (HH:MM) in the entry.

The third action (with a ‘down arrow’ icon) moves the cursor to the very end of the draft. It’s useful when, while reviewing past entries, you want to write down a new entry.

Example of draft:

2019-03-19-Tue 11:25 =>00:35
Hello world. This is my first entry.

2019-03-19-Tue 12:00 =>00:05
I can jot notes in each entry under the timestamp.
The entries can be as long as you wish.

2019-03-19-Tue 12:05 =>00:01
Yet another entry. To update the duration, just launch one of the two actions: create new entry or insert timestamp. Place the actions in the keyboard to launch them as fast as possible while you are writing notes.

2019-03-19-Tue 12:06 =>00:07
This is the last pending entry.
12:13 adding HH:MM on this line with the dedicated button updates the duration, until the next update (when I’ll create a new entry, for instance).

Included Actions

  • Create new entry and update timestamps A4D
  • Insert timestamp and update timestamps A4D
  • Go to end of draft A4D
  • includeAction
  • Init A4D
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