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Custom MultiDraftsdown

Posted by snrankin, Last update over 1 year ago

Fork of the Custom MultiMarkdown syntax.

In addition to all the extras added in Custom MultiMarkdown, this theme also adds:

Text Additions

  • #hashtags
  • @mentions

Task Additions

  • [x] ~strikethrough for completed tasks~
  • [ ] Task progress bars [==========] 100%

Custom wiki-link definitions

  • [[r:Raindrop.io search]] and [[r#:search Raindrop tags]]
  • [[ac:run drafts action by name]]
  • [[sc:run shortcut by name]]
  • [[q:invoke block level filter]]
  • [[map:open iThoughts map by name]]
  • [[gt:search in GoodTask]]
  • [[mn:open MindNode map by name]]


  • [[ - Draft title
  • << - Draft content by title
  • !d - Date: YYYY-MM-DD

Custom MultiMarkdown

From @devsl

Markdown syntax with extended support for MultiMarkdown extensions, like footnotes, definitions lists and Critic Markup.

This version includes support for custom colors for abbreviations, definition lists, glossary items, variables, metadata and other MultiMarkdown features not supported in the default MultiMarkdown syntax (images, bold italic, tables and more) while keeping it compatible with the default themes.

Scope Reference (for theme makers):

  • Header Markup: Allows customizing each header markup separately. Scopes: markup.heading01-markup.heading06, usesmarkup.heading by default.
  • Escaped Line Breaks: uses text.invisibles by default.
  • **Horizontal Rules: **text.multimarkdown.hr, uses markup by default.
  • **Footnotes: **text.multimarkdown.footnote, uses markup.link by default.
  • Images: text.multimarkdown.image, uses markup.link and color.accent01 by default.
  • **Subscripts: **text.multimarkdown.subscript, uses markup by default.
  • Superscripts: text.multimarkdown.superscript, uses markup by default.
  • **Math: **text.multimarkdown.math, uses markup by default.
  • Tables: text.multimarkdown.table, with text.multimarkdown.table.head, text.multimarkdown.table.header, text.multimarkdown.table.divider, text.multimarkdown.table.caption also available for specific parts. Uses color.accent02 by default.
  • Metadata: text.multimarkdown.metadata, uses color.accent03 by default.
  • Citations: text.multimarkdown.citation, uses markup.link and color.accent04 by default.
  • Glossary definitions: text.multimarkdown.glossary, uses markup.link and color.accent05 by default.
  • Abbreviation: text.multimarkdown.abbreviation, uses markup.link, color.accent06 by default.
  • Definition Lists: text.multimarkdown.definitionList with text.multimarkdown.definitionList.term and text.multimarkdown.defitionList.definition for more specific highlighting. Uses color.accent03 by default.
  • **Metadata Variables: **text.multimarkdown.variable, uses markup.link and code.keyword by default.
  • *TOC (Table of Contents): * text.multimarkdown.toc, uses code.literal by default.
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