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Markdown (GitHub) + Wiki-Link Extras

Posted by @jsamlarose, Last update 4 months ago


4 months ago

Includes support for clickable links in the editor; removes support for indented code blocks (fenced code blocks still supported)…

Markdown syntax with support for GitHub Markdown extensions, as well as some custom wikilink specifications for iThoughts, Shortcuts, Drafts actions, Raindrop, block level filtering and inline tags (requires a supporting action), wiki-link autocompletion and more. Important to note: In a departure from conventional Markdown, this syntax no longer supports indented code blocks, but continues to support code blocks fenced with backticks.

Supports bold, italic (and ignores underscores in_snake_case), ~strikethrough~, and other Markdown syntax. This fork adds support for inline #tags (install the block level filter action to make tags active) and some custom wiki-link definitions:

  • [[r:Raindrop.io search]] and [[r#:search Raindrop tags]]
  • [[ac:run drafts action by name]]
  • [[sc:run shortcut by name]]
  • [[q:invoke block level filter]] - again, install the block level filter action if you want this to do anything…
  • [[map:open iThoughts map by name]]
  • [[gt:search in GoodTask]]
  • [[mn:open MindNode map by name]]
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