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9 months ago

  • fix support for timecodes with single digit hour
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9 months ago

  • fix support for timecodes with single digit hour

9 months ago

  • add support for timecodes that include a link
  • add support for timecodes with single digit minutes [1:23] or hours [1:23:45]
  • improve pagination in settings

Control Reaper from Drafts and insert timecodes from Reaper into a note. Turn timecoded notes into Reaper markers. It is recommended to use these actions in combination with the Transcript syntax and the Transcription action group.


  1. Install this Action Group
  2. Execute the Install/Update action. This will result in one of these options:
    • Reaper helper script successfully installed in iCloud Drive. In this case, open Reaper, go to Actions > Show action list... > New action... > Load ReaScript, navigate to iCloud Drive/Drafts/Library/Scripts/Reaper and select the Drafts Helper.lua file.
    • Can’t save Reaper helper script to iCloud Drive. In this case, a file called Drafts Helper.lua was downloaded. Move the file to a place where Reaper can access it. Then, in Reaper, go to Actions > Show action list... > New action... > Load ReaScript, navigate to the file you just moved. Recommended place to save the file:
      • In Reaper, go to Options > Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder
      • open the Scripts subfolder and move Drafts Helper.lua into it.
  3. You should now be able to search for Drafts in Reaper’s action list and find the script. While we’re here, right-click the action and select Copy selected action command ID. Paste it somewhere (perhaps in a Draft?), it might be useful later.
  4. In Reaper, go to Settings > Control/OSC/web > Add and select web browser interface. Copy the Access URL.
  5. In Drafts, run this action group’s Settings action, enter the data gathered above.

Tip: You can use this action group to control a Reaper instance that is not installed on the same computer as Drafts. Reaper can even run on a Windows machine, as long as it’s on the same local network and Drafts Helper.lua is available as an Action in Reaper.

Feel free to make the Install/Update and Settings actions invisible (Edit > Visibility, requires Drafts Pro).

Advanced Setup

If your computer’s IP address changes frequently, Reaper’s Access URL changes too and needs to updated in the Settings action accordingly. There are a few ways to avoid that.

  • Instead of or similar, use http://localhost:8080. This only works, if Drafts and Reaper are running on the same machine.
  • Use the name of the computer that Reaper runs on, followed by .local (only if it’s a Mac or Linux machine) or .lan, e.g. http://myDAW.local:8080. If that doesn’t work, find out what other pseudo TLD your router might use, for instance .home or



Most of these should be self-explanatory.

  • Play from Timecode (selection)
    starts Reaper playback from a timecode found in selected text in the draft.

  • Play from Timecode (next)
    starts Reaper playback from the next timecode found in the draft that’s after the current Reaper transport position.


  • Timecode
    appends the current time code from Reaper to the draft. Choose one of multiple formats:

  • [HH:MM:SS.sss]

  • [HH:MM:SS]

  • [MM:SS.sss]

  • [MM:SS]

  • Marker <color>
    Formats the currently selected text as color tag of a marker (must immediately follow a timecode: [00:01:23]<color>).

  • Marker #label#
    Formats the currently selected text as label tag of a marker (must immediately follow a timecode or color tag: [00:01:23]#label# or [00:01:23]<color>#label#).

  • Project Name
    Inserts the file name of the current Reaper project to the draft.


These actions create markers in Reaper from a timecode in the draft.

  • Create Marker (last)
    Creates a marker in Reaper for the last timecode in the draft.

  • Create Markers (selection)
    Creates markers in Reaper for all timecodes found in the current text selection.

  • Create Marker (auto)
    calls one or the other above marker actions, depending on whether or not text is selected.

  • Export All Markers
    creates a .csv file of all markers in the draft that can be imported into Reaper’s marker manager.

Marker Colors

To override the default marker color defined in the Settings (see Setup above), use the following syntax:


Any color name from this list can be used. Additional color names can be defined in the Settings action. (This way, you can also define colors for different marker types: define a color for “edit” markers: "edit":"ff1122" to be able to use <edit> as a color name.

Marker Names

In simple mode (selectable in settings), markers are automatically named using text on the line following the timecode (and optional color).

This will be used as the marker name.

For markers to be recognized in simple mode, they have to be at the beginning of a line.

Settings allow you to define other components of a timecode to be used as the marker name in Reaper:

Speaker name: [comment 00:01:23]#label#

The speaker name, a comment within the timecode, or the label text following the timecode can be configured to be used as the marker name.

Included Actions

  • Install/Update
  • Settings
  • Reaper Base Colors
  • Reaper Base Functions
  • Transport
  • Stop
  • Play/Pause
  • Record
  • Rewind more
  • Rewind a little bit
  • Forward a little bit
  • Forward more
  • Play from Timecode (selection)
  • Play from Timecode (next)
  • Insert
  • Timecode [HH:MM:SS.sss]
  • Timecode [HH:MM:SS]
  • Timecode [MM:SS.sss]
  • Timecode [MM:SS]
  • Marker <color>
  • Marker #label#
  • Project Name
  • Markers
  • Create Marker (last)
  • Create Markers (selection)
  • Create Marker (auto)
  • Export All Markers
  • Say Thanks
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