Action Group

Meeting minutes workflow

Posted by Bert Kruisdijk, Last update about 1 month ago

Prepare and process meeting notes in combination with OmniFocus. Complete action group for:
1) Preparation for a meeting;
2) Linking TOC notes;
3) Check on Neatness;
4) Distribution options;
5) Task and decision processing in OmniFocus and MS Teams;
6) Archiving in Drafts 5 and DevonThink.

I have written a post about meeting processing, which you can find here

Included Actions

  • πŸ₯΅ Preparation for a meeting
  • 0a. Workspace selection
  • 0b. Prepare meeting notes in Drafts
  • 0c. New Note from Template
  • 0d. Meeting cheat sheet person
  • 0e. Meeting cheat sheet project
  • πŸ”— Linking to TOC and projects
  • 1a. Create TOC out of Draft
  • 1b. Insert Link to other Draft
  • 1c. Follow inserted back links
  • 🧹 Neatness
  • 2a. Preview
  • 2b. Make Markdown Line Breaks
  • 🚚 Distribute notes
  • 3a. Mail meeting minutes
  • 3b. Mail to PA for processing
  • 3c. Notes on ON
  • 3d. Print/PDF export
  • β˜‘οΈ πŸ”¨Tasks & Decisions
  • 4a. OmniFocus tasks with link-back
  • 4b. Decision log tasks with link-back
  • 4C. MS Teams board
  • πŸ—‚ Archive
  • 5a. Send to DEVONthink
  • 5b. Archive Draft
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