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Posted by FlohGro, Last update about 3 years ago

This is a (small) collection of some useful actions to send tasks to todoist with urls.
I will update them based on your suggestions in the drafts 5 forum.

The actions are based on the url scheme of todoist - you’ll need to insert the api token / key from your todoist integration page (webinterface) to make them work with your account :)

If you have any questions contact me in the forum

Included Actions

  • setApiTokenAndPublishMultipleTasks
  • setApiTokenAndPublishSingleTask
  • InboxTaskWithTagsFromPrompt
  • InboxTaskWithPredefinedTagsList
  • InboxEachLine
  • InboxTaskWithPriorityFromPrompt
  • InboxTaskDueToday
  • InboxDraftTitleWithInternalUrl
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