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Examples: Cross-Linking

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over 2 years ago

Added example for finding “unlinked mentions”.

Example actions for working with [[Title of Draft]] links to create projects and navigate between related drafts.

See linking drafts documentation for details.

Some included actions:

  • Insert Link to Draft: Prompts to select a draft, and inserts a link to it at the cursor in the current draft.
  • Back Links: Navigate to other drafts which contain links to the current draft. If only one linked draft is found, goes directly to that draft, otherwise prompts to select from found drafts.
  • Open Last Draft: Navigate back to the last draft open in the editor.
  • New Linked Draft: Demonstrates creating a draft based on a template with back link to the current draft, and inserting a link to that new draft in the current one - maintaining tag assignments.


The two transclusion examples demonstrate how you could expand links in a draft inserting the content of the linked draft when publishing to a preview or new draft.

Included Actions

  • Insert Link to Draft
  • Select Back Links
  • Search for Back Links
  • Search for Unlinked Mentions
  • Open Last Draft
  • New Linked Draft
  • Insert Workspace Link
  • Setup Project
  • Publishing
  • Transclude > New Draft
  • Transclude > Preview
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