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Posted by @mattgemmell, Last update almost 4 years ago

MGCheckListPrompt provides a custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based list picker dialog, for Drafts 21 or later. Designed for use by Actions developers, it allows choosing any number of items from an arbitrary list.

There are multiple configuration options available, and several example actions are included.


Included Actions

  • Code Library
  • MGCheckListPrompt Library
  • Documentation
  • Read Documentation Online
  • Copy Code Snippet
  • Examples
  • Demo: Recent Drafts
  • Demo: Combined Word Count
  • Demo: Adding Items
  • Demo: Pre-Selecting
  • Demo: Separators
  • Demo: Round Checkboxes
  • Demo: Numeric Shortcuts
  • Demo: Disabled Items
  • Demo: No Header
  • Demo: Type-to-Select
  • Demo: Type-to-Filter
  • Demo: Single Selection Mode
  • Demo: Select Workspace
  • Demo: Using Markdown
  • Demo: Show Counter
  • Demo: Preprocessing
  • Demo: Custom CSS
  • Demo: Show Titlebar
  • Demo: Validation
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