create raycast quicklink to open draft

Posted by @FlohGro, Last update 3 months ago


3 months ago

Description updated, prevent execution on iOS

created by @FlohGro / more on my Blog

macOS only

Triggers a Raycast command of the Drafts extension that will create a Raycast Quicklink to open the current draft when you open it.

Requires to have the Raycast extension for Drafts installed.

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  • script (macOS only)

    const title = draft.processTemplate("[[safe_title]]")
    const uuid = draft.uuid
    const args = {
    uuid: uuid,
    title: title
    const encodedArgs = JSON.stringify(args)
    const url = "raycast://extensions/FlohGro/drafts/quicklink-creator-deeplink?arguments=" +  encodedArgs;
    app.openURL (url)
  • script (iOS only)

    alert("this action is not supported on iOS right now")"action not supported on iOS")


  • After Success Default
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