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Posted by Mike Burke, Last update 5 months ago

This action is designed to seamlessly transfer to-do items from Drafts to Things while intelligently tagging them based on their corresponding level 1 and 2 headers in the draft.

Learn more about the script here.


  • script

    // Split the draft into an array of lines
    const lines = draft.content.split("\n");
    // Variables to keep track of the current level 1 and level 2 headers
    let currentHeaderL1 = '';
    let currentHeaderL2 = '';
    // Create an array to hold the Things todos
    let todos = [];
    // Loop over the lines of the draft
    for (let line of lines) {
    	// Check if the line is a level 1 header
    	if (line.startsWith('# ') && !line.startsWith('##')) {
    		// Update the current level 1 header and reset the level 2 header
    		currentHeaderL1 = line.substring(2).trim();
    		currentHeaderL2 = '';
    	// Check if the line is a level 2 header
    	else if (line.startsWith('## ')) {
    		// Update the current level 2 header
    		currentHeaderL2 = line.substring(3).trim();
    	// Process lines that are not headers and not empty
    	else if (line && !line.startsWith('#')) {
    		let todo = TJSTodo.create();
    		todo.title = line;
    		// Add the current level 1 header as a tag if it's not empty
    		if (currentHeaderL1) {
    		// Add the current level 2 header as a tag if it's not empty
    		if (currentHeaderL2) {
    // Create a container for the todos
    const container = TJSContainer.create(todos);
    // Create a callback URL
    let cb = CallbackURL.create();
    cb.baseURL = container.url;
    // Attempt to open the callback URL
    if ( {
    	console.log("Todos created in Things with appropriate tags");
    } else
    // Log an error message if the callback URL fails to open
    console.error("Failed to create Todos in Things");


  • After Success Trash , Tags: in things
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