find links to draft

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find links to draft

Searches Drafts that link to the current draft with a [[wiki-style-link]].
When one or more Drafts are found a prompt will be displayed to allow you to open those drafts

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  • script

     * searches for Drafts linking to the given Draft d with wiki-style links. Depending on the amount of found drafts a Prompt will display drafts you can open
     * @param {Draft} d the Draft you want to find links to 
    function findLinksToDraft(d) {
        let linkText = `[[${d.displayTitle}]]`
        let foundDrafts = Draft.query(linkText, "all", [], [], "accessed", true, true)
        if (foundDrafts.length == 0) {
            app.displayInfoMessage("no links to Draft found")
        } else if (foundDrafts.length == 1) {
            // found just one draft
            let p = new Prompt()
            p.title = "found 1 draft"
            p.message = "One Draft found with title \"" + foundDrafts[0].displayTitle + "\""
            if ( {
        } else {
            // several drafts found
            let p = new Prompt()
            p.title = "found " + foundDrafts.length + " drafts"
            p.message = "select draft you want to open"
            foundDrafts.forEach((curDraft) => {
                p.addButton(curDraft.displayTitle, curDraft)
            if ( {


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Items available in the Drafts Directory are uploaded by community members. Use appropriate caution reviewing downloaded items before use.