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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 12 months ago

Find and select the previous placeholder text in the draft. Mean for use with templates as described in this forum tip

Placeholders are any text matching <|fieldname>, where “fieldname” is optional.


  • script

    // define the placeholder to find
    const placeholderRe = /<\|.*?>/gm
    // grab values to use
    let [st, len] = editor.getSelectedRange()
    const text = editor.getText()
    // function to locate the next matching placeholder
    function findPrevious(str, st) {
    	let matches = []
    	while(match = placeholderRe.exec(text)) {
    	for (let match of matches.reverse()) {
    		let pos = match["index"]
    		if (pos < st) {
    			return [pos, match[0].length]
    	return [null, null]
    // find next placeholder and select it
    let [placeSt, placeLn] = findPrevious(text, st)
    if (placeSt) {
    	editor.setSelectedRange(placeSt, placeLn)


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