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switch Workspace

This Action allows to quickly switch between your workspaces. It displays a prompt showing all the names of your workspaces. If you select one of them, it will be applied to the app


I add this Action as the first Action to every ActionGroup that is displayed as Action Bar above the keyboard. This way I can easily switch between my workspaces.
To do this, You can either duplicate the Action or (even better) add a new Action with an „Include Action“ Step to the relevant ActionGroups.
You can even disable the visibility of the Action in your Action List to only show it in the Action Bar!

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  • script

    // switch workspace
    // created by
    let allWs = Workspace.getAll()
    let p = new Prompt()
    p.title = "select workspace"
    for(let ws of allWs){
    	app.displaySuccessMessage("applied workspace \"" + + "\"" )
    } else {
    	app.displayInfoMessage("no workspace selected")


  • After Success Nothing
    Notification Error
    Log Level Error
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