toggle pinning mode

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toggle pinning mode

This action toggles the pinning mode of Drafts editor


no configuration needed


This action is most efficient if you assign a keyboard shortcut to it and / or add it to the action bar above your keyboard. If you want to toggle the pinning mode just press the keyboard shortcut and pinning will be enabled / disabled depending on the current state.

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  • script

    // toggle modes 
    let isPinningEnabled = () => {
      if (editor.pinningEnabled == true) {
        return true;
      } else {
        return false;
    let enablePinningMode = () => {
      editor.pinningEnabled = true;
    let disablePinningMode = () => {
      editor.pinningEnabled = false;
    if (isPinningEnabled() == true) {
    } else {


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