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This action sends a Taskpaper-formatted tasklist to OmniFocus. It asks for a baseline date and parses the draft for date fields to insert a date relative to the base date.

Date field format

The format is:
For example <<+3>> means 3 days after the given base date. Negative numbers are possible, e.g. <<-5>>.

Use in taskpaper

The fileds can be used in the @defer() or @due() parameters of a task. An example:

Gardening Project
    - Sow flower seeds @defer(<<+0>>)
    - Water the flowers @defer(<<+2>>)
    - Pick the flowers @defer(<<+5>>)

This will set the defer dates for the first task to the base date, the second task two days and the third task 5 days after the base date. The project will be send to OmniFocus right into projects.


  • script

    // Read draft
    let templateContent = editor.getText();
    // Regular expression for the date fields
    const regExDate = /<<([+-]\d+)>>/g
    // Ask for the base date
    let p = Prompt.create();
    p.addDatePicker("baseDate", "Base Date:",,{"mode": "date"});
    p.isCancellable = false;
    // Parse date fields and replace with dates relative to base date
    let baseDate = new Date(p.fieldValues["baseDate"]);
    function parseRelativeDates(match, value) {
    	relativeDate = new Date(baseDate.valueOf())
    	relativeDate.setDate(baseDate.getDate() + Number(value))
    	return relativeDate.toISOString().split('T')[0]
    templateContent = templateContent.replace(regExDate, parseRelativeDates)
    // Send processed template to Omnifocus
    const baseURL = "omnifocus:///paste";
    const target  = "projects"
    let cb = CallbackURL.create();
    cb.baseURL = baseURL;
    cb.addParameter("target", target)
    cb.addParameter("content", templateContent);
    let success =;
    if (success) {
    	console.log("Taskpaper added to OF")
    } else { 
      	if (cb.status == "cancel") {
    	else {;


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