Quick Thoughts in iThoughts

Posted by apkawel, Last update about 2 years ago

Brainstorm in Drafts, and then launch your ideas directly into a mindmap in iThoughts for reorganization and further development!

The action adds lines to an iThoughts map in iCloud named “Quick Thoughts”. Each line gets added as a subnode to a first-level node named “Inbox” (the target in the map). This allows quick and unstructured brainstorming in Drafts and then further processing later in the iThoughts mindmap. The draft itself gets archived.

Tip: Your brainstorms needn’t be unstructured: if you indent a line in Drafts, it will become a child node of the preceding line in iThoughts! This allows you to create a basic outline and structure of your ideas in Drafts before sending your ideas to iThoughts.

On iPhone and iPad, the action then uses “x-success” to return to Drafts, creating a new draft. (This allows rapid-fire, sequential additions to the map. Remove “x-success” and everything that follows it if you want to default to staying in iThoughts to edit the map.)

Later, when you return to iThoughts, you can develop your ideas; incorporate them elsewhere in the map; or use them to create a new map.

This action is especially useful when used with the dictation feature in Drafts.

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