create Todoist task with description

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create Todoist task with description

This action creates a task in Todoist with a description.

The title (first line) of the draft will used as the content of the task.

The description of the created task will contain the body (everything below the title line) of the draft.

The current draft will be moved to the trash if the task was created successfully.


no configuration needed


If you noted a quick tasks e.g. on the go into Drafts you can provide some details (later) to it and run this action to quickly create a task in the inbox of your todoist account.

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  • script

    // created by @FlohGro
    // create todoist task with description
    if (draft.content.length == 0) {
        alert("Draft is blank");
        context.cancel("Draft was blank");
    } else {
        var todoist = Todoist.create();
        let taskContent = draft.processTemplate("[[title]]");
        let taskDescription = draft.processTemplate("[[body]]");
        let createTaskResponse = todoist.createTask({
            "content": taskContent,
            "description": taskDescription
        if (!createTaskResponse) {
            let message = "Failed to add task to todoist: " + todoist.lastError;
        } else {
            let message = "successfully added task in todoist";
            // return relevant parameters of the
    if (!todoist.lastError) {
        app.displaySuccessMessage("successfully added task :)");


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