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Posted by Nathan Crowther, Last update over 2 years ago

A Draft action to publish highlights to Readwise.

Make sure to update it with your token on line 52. Token can be fournd here:

This action assumes the draft template starting on line 70 of the script.


  • script

    // Global Variables
    let RWArray = [];
    let d = draft;
    // Get Title & Author
    var title = d.displayTitle;
    var content = d.content;
    let author = content.match("Author: (.*)")[1];
    // Get Array of Quotes
    var content = d.content;
    var passages = content.split("## Quotes")[1];
    var passagesArray = passages.split("> ");
    passagesArray.shift(); // First entry in array is blank. Get rid of it.
    // Create Array of Objects
    // Send items to Readwise
    // Function to create JSON object out of highlight and add it to the final array.
    function addToRWArray(item){
        //Create an array with 2 items: the passage and the array
        var highlightArray = item.split("@Page: ");
        //alert("Highlight Array: " + highlightArray);
        // Set the passage location
        var highlightPageString = highlightArray[1].split("\n")[0];
        var highlightPage = parseInt(highlightPageString);
        //alert("HighlightPage: " + highlightPage);
        // Create JSON and add it to array
        var highlightObject = 
            text: highlightArray[0],
            title: title,
            author: author,
            location_type: "page",
            location: highlightPage,
            highlighted_at: "2022-02-07T20:11:24+00:00"
        // alert({JSON.stringify(RWArray));
    function sendToReadwise(RWArray) {
        // Create HTTP Request
        var rwToken = "YOUR READWISE TOKEN HERE"; //Get token here:
        var http = HTTP.create();
        // Readwise Response
        var response = http.request({
            "url": "",
            "method": "POST",
            "data": {
            "highlights": RWArray,
            "headers": {
                "Authorization": "Token " + rwToken,
                "Content-Type": "application/json",
    /* Example Drafts Entry
    # Moby Dick
    Author: Herman Melville
    ## Quotes
    > Call me Ishmael
    @Page: 15
    > But don't ever call me an octopus.
    @Page: 15


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