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Posted by corkstu, Last update over 2 years ago

Action to find all the drafts with wikilinks referring to this one (i.e. backlinks) and list wikilinks to those drafts under a “Backlinks” heading. This action can be run again to update the backlinks when required.


  • script

    let title = draft.displayTitle;
    if (title.length == 0) { app.displayErrorMessage("This Draft has no title!"); }
    // query for other drafts with the link to this one...
    let pattern = `"[[${title}]]"`;
    let drafts = Draft.query(pattern, "all", [], [], "modified", true);
    // didn't find any!
    if (drafts.length == 0) {
    	app.displayInfoMessage("No backlinked drafts found.");
    	let backlinks = [];
    	for(let draft of drafts){
    		//Add with a "d:" otherwise the inserted backlink matches as a wikilink and around the circle we go...
    		backlinks.push("[[d:" + draft.displayTitle + "]]");
    	let result = draft.content.match(/((#+\sBacklinks)[\s\S]\s*(\[\[.*?\]\][\s\S])*)/);
    	if(result == null){
    		draft.content = draft.content + "\n## Backlinks\n\n" + backlinks.join("\n");
    		let tobereplaced = result[1];
    		let blTitle = result[2];
    		draft.content = draft.content.replace(tobereplaced,blTitle + "\n\n" + backlinks.join("\n") + "\n");


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