Save images in Drafts' Previews folder

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Changed the discription.

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Save images in Drafts’ Previews folder

This Drafts action + shortcut does the following:

  1. Let the user select the image files and save them in the Drafts Previews folder (iCloud Drive / Drafts / Library / Previews /).
  2. Insert those image links into the draft.

Shortcut: StoreImgsInPreviewsFolder

Example of use

When this action is executed, the photo selection screen is displayed. Try selecting two photos. Then tap the “Add” button.

Links to image files have been inserted in the draft being edited.

When you open the file app, you can see that the image files are saved in the Previews folder of the Drafts app.

When you perform an action such as “Markdown Preview-BASIC”, the images are displayed.

Initial setting

Tap here for this action on the shortcut.

Create a Previews subfolder in the Library subfolder of iCloud Drive’s Drafts folder, select it and click Done.


  • runShortcut (iOS only)

  • insertText (iOS only)



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Items available in the Drafts Directory are uploaded by community members. Use appropriate caution reviewing downloaded items before use.