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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update over 2 years ago

Scan the current line for a URL. If one is found, make an HTTP request to retrieve the web page, scan it for the <title> tag, and create Markdown link for the URL with the page title as the link text.


Running on the line:

Would transform it to:

[Drafts | Where Text Starts](


  • script

    // setup regular expressions for URL and title tag
    const urlRe = /((([A-Za-z]{3,9}:(?:\/\/)?)(?:[\-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)?[A-Za-z0-9\.\-]+|(?:www\.|[\-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)[A-Za-z0-9\.\-]+)((?:\/[\+~%\/\.\w\-_]*)?\??(?:[\-\+=&;%@\.\w_]*)#?(?:[\.\!\/\\\w]*))?)/;
    const titleRe = /<title>(.*)<\/title>/i;
    // fetch data from editor
    const [st, len] = editor.getSelectedLineRange();
    const line = editor.getTextInRange(st, len);
    const match = line.match(urlRe);
    if (match) {
    	// we found a URL, make HTTP get request to fetch page
    	let url = match[0];
    	let http = new HTTP();
    	let response = http.request({
    		url: url,
    		method: "GET",
    		headers: {
    			"Accept": "text/html"
    	if (response.success) {		
    		// loaded page, look for html <title> tag
    		let titleMatch = response.responseText.match(titleRe);
    		if (titleMatch) {
    			// we found a title, build the link and insert it
    			let title = titleMatch[1];
    			let newLine = line.replace(url, `[${title}](${url})`);
    			editor.setTextInRange(st, len, newLine);
    		else {;
    	else {;
    else {
    	alert("No URL found on current line");


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