Line to Google Tasks

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17 days ago

Made public again.

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17 days ago

Made public again.

18 days ago

Made unlisted until after release.

Send the current line as a task to your Google Task Inbox for processing.


  • script

    /*--- Get entire line of cursor function ---*/
    function getCursorLine(editor) {
    	var cursorPosition = editor.getSelectedRange()[0];
    	var selectionLength = editor.getSelectedRange()[1];
    	var lineRange = editor.getSelectedLineRange();
    	var sel = editor.getTextInRange(lineRange[0], lineRange[1]);
    	return sel.replace(/^[-\*\s\[\]\|\d\.\{\}]+/gi,"")
    /*--- Add line to Work Tasks draft ---*/
    let task = getCursorLine(editor);
    draft.setTemplateTag("task", task);
  • googleTask

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