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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 10 months ago

Loads drafts created on the current date in previous years.

The action will prompt for the number of years ago to view, then create an open a workspace to display only drafts created on today’s date that number of years ago.

This is meant as an example of date filters in Workkspaces.


  • script

    function load(numberOfYears) {
    	// get date for previous year
    	let d =;
    	// create a workspace with a date filter for that day
    	let ws = new Workspace(); = "Created: " + strftime(d, "%Y-%m-%d");
    	let st = new QueryDate();
    	st.field = "created";
    	st.type = "absolute"; = d;
    	let end = new QueryDate();
    	end.field = "created";
    	end.type = "absolute" = d;
    	ws.startDate = st;
    	ws.endDate = end;
    if (app.isPro) {
    	let p = new Prompt();
    	p.title = "On This Day";
    	p.message = "Display drafts created on this date in a previous year. Select the 	number of years ago below."
    	p.addSelect("years", "Years ago", ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"], ["1"], false);
    	p.addButton("Show", "Show", true);
    	if ( {
    		let years = parseInt(p.fieldValues["years"]);
    	else {
    else {
    	alert("This action uses Workspaces, which require a Pro subscription");


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