2020-07-14 TAD Fix

Posted by sylumer, Last update about 4 years ago - Unlisted

Fix for users who need it for library update

  1. Corrects entry in “libName” setting.
  2. Pulls down latest copy of library file to “tad.js” file.

The updated library file contains settings for (1) above, and the library update code has something in it to account for if the file extension has been included in the library name.

As well as an updated copy of the library, an updated copy of the ThoughtAsylum action group is also available whose embedded version of the library updater includes the updated code form the library update.

Note the changing of the “libName” setting should make the older code work.


  • includeAction

  • script

    // Previous include step will use the in-group library to update the file
    // just like the standard update does.
    // Force an update to the library file name in the settings
    // A mismatch here on including the file extension was what caused the issue.
    // Even though the new code accounts for it either way, we'll tify up in case
    // the action group isn't updated straight away.
    tadLib.libName = "tad";
    // Rather than using the standard updater, we'll just do it directly for the known paths.
    // Force tad.js content to be set by download from latest source on the TADpoLe sub site
    let objHTTP = HTTP.create();
    objHTTP.TA_getContentToiCloudFile("", "/Library/Scripts/tad.js");


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