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This script creates a new entry in the current draft, right after the entry where the cursor is. The new entry includes a timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD-day hh:mm).

By default, the timestamps are sorted by date and time (i.e. in the last entry, it’s the current date and time, but if you insert an entry between two existing one, it’s the date and time of the following one).

The separator between entries is set in the ‘Init’ function.


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    function Init() {
      // set separator
      this.sep = '***'; // will be passed to RegExp.quote function
      // set timestamp format and timestamp regexp (both must be consistent)
      let tsf = '%Y-%m-%d-%a %H:%M', // strftime format
        ret = '20[0-9][0-9]-[0-1][0-9]-[0-3][0-9]-\\w\\w\\w [0-2][0-9]:[0-5][0-9]'; // will NOT be passed to RegExp.quote function
      // locate cursor
      this.loc = editor.getSelectedRange()[0];
      // locate the end of current draft
      let eod = draft.content.length;
      // set regexp before
      let reb = new RegExp('^([\\s\\S]*' + RegExp.quote(this.sep) + ')?[\\s\\S]*?$');
      //set regexp after
      let rea = new RegExp('^([\\s\\S]*?)(' + RegExp.quote(this.sep) + '([\\s\\S]*?\\n(' + ret + '))?[\\s\\S]*)?$');
      // regexp before cursor
      editor.getTextInRange(0, this.loc).match(reb);
      // locate start of current entry
      this.sce = (RegExp.$1?RegExp.$1.length:0);
      // regexp after cursor
      editor.getTextInRange(this.loc, eod).match(rea);
      // set length of current entry
      this.lce = this.loc - this.sce + RegExp.$1.length;
      // check if current entry is the last one in draft
      this.ile = (RegExp.$2?false:true);
      // set timestamp of next entry
      let nts = RegExp.$4;
      // set timestamp for new entry
      if (this.ile)
        this.sts = strftime(new Date(), tsf);
        this.sts = (nts?nts:strftime(new Date(), tsf));
      // set current entry
      this.cue = editor.getTextInRange(this.sce, this.lce).trim();
    Object.prototype.newEntry = function() {
      // modify current entry with no empty lines before and after entry, then add separators
      let str = (!this.sce && !this.cue?this.sep:'') + '\n' + this.cue + (this.cue?'\n' + this.sep + '\n':'') + this.sts + (this.ile?'':'\n');
      // replace current entry with modified entry
      editor.setTextInRange(this.sce, this.lce, str);
      // locate the end of timestamp in new entry
      this.loc = this.sce + str.length - (this.ile?0:1);
      // move the cursor at the end of timestamp in new entry
      editor.setSelectedRange(this.loc, 0);
    RegExp.quote = function(str) {
      return str.replace(/([.?*+^$[\]\\(){}|-])/g, '\\$1');
    let it = new Init();


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