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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update over 5 years ago

Create Dropbox Paper document using content of the current draft. Assumes Markdown content format in draft.


  • script

    // setup content and format to use...
    let content = draft.content;
    let format = "markdown";
    // create Dropbox object and vars
    let db = Dropbox.create();
    let endpoint = "";
    let args = {
        "import_format": format
    // make API request to create Paper doc
    let response = db.contentUploadRequest({
    	"url": endpoint,
    	"method": "POST",
    	"dropbox-api-args": args,
    	"data": content
    if (response.statusCode != 200) {
    	console.log("Dropbox Error: " + response.statusCode + ", " + response.error);;
    else {
    	console.log("Dropbox Paper document created");


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