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I work for a company selling hiking holidays, and have to hike and describe trails before customers are sold a holiday.
During a hike I will need to periodically stop to describe a turn or distinctive feature, and need to capture the time and location of such stops.

This walk writing workflow allows me to record to record date/time, location and comments (dictated) in Drafts, and tags the notes I take.


  • script

    /*  Create new draft with template text and tag assigned. */
    // create the draft
    var d = Draft.create();
    // create template
    const tpl = `Walk Writing Record [[created|%Y%m%d%H%M%S]]
    **Date:** [[created|%A, %d %B %Y]]
    **Time:** [[created|%H:%M:%S %z (%Z)]]
    **Location:** [[latitude]], [[longitude]]
    // process the template, add tags and archive the draft
    var x = d.processTemplate(tpl);
    // open dictation to insert in current draft
    var s = editor.dictate();
    if (s.length > 0) {
    	d.content = x + s;
    	d.addTag("walk writing");


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