Mute list in Tweetbot

Posted by @brentacPrime, Last update about 6 years ago

This is an action to take a list of words and apply them to tweetbot’s mute filters. In Tweetbot, Regex will be selected and and you will still need to pick a duration (defaults to forever). You will also need to confirm it to activate the filter. This will allow for a case insensitive look up for muting a list of words.

If anyone knows of a way to change this default or auto accept it via url scheme please let me know on twitter @brentacPrime


  • script

    const lines = draft.content.split("\n");
    var list = lines.join('%7C');
    muteTerms = "(%3Fi)" + list;
    var url = "tweetbot:///mute/keyword?regex=1&text=" + muteTerms;


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