Number Lines

Posted by drdrang, Last update almost 2 years ago

Add line numbers (followed by a colon and two spaces) to either the selected text or, if there’s no selection, the entire draft.


  • script

    // Number the selected lines (or all lines) with colon and
    // two spaces after each line number.
    // Get either the current selection or the entire draft.
    var sel = editor.getSelectedText();
    if (!sel || sel.length==0) {
      editor.setSelectedRange(0, editor.getText().length);
      sel = editor.getSelectedText();
    // Break the text into lines and number them.
    // Right-justify the numbers and put a colon and
    // two spaces after the line number.
    var lines = sel.split('\n');
    var numLines = lines.length;
    var width = Math.floor(Math.log(numLines)*Math.LOG10E) + 1;
    var numbered = [];
    var lNum;
    for (var i=0; i<numLines; i++) {
      lNum = i + 1;
      numbered.push(lNum.toString().padStart(width) + ':  ' + lines[i]);
    // Replace the original text with the line-numbered text.


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