Require NPM Module

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// Require NPM Module (via Unpkg)

// Include this action before your script
// Then in your script, call require() with a common npm package
// (Not all npm packages are supported)
// Try lines like those below
// Works great with “Eval Draft” action


removeBasic = require(‘remove-words’)
removeBasic(“Today is sunny so we are going to go swimming at the seaside”)


const hashids = new Hashids(‘my-app’, 0, ‘abcdefgh12345678’)


  • script

    const debug = false
    // Claim the require function, load from unpkg
    // Allows internal, recursive calls to require
    // Won't work for all packages
    // - those that contain relative requires like '../file.json'
    const require = (moduleName) => {
      const response = HTTP.create().request({
        "url": `${moduleName}`
      if (response.responseText.startsWith("Cannot find package")) {
        alert(`Cannot find package at${moduleName}`)
      // In case package attempts to set module.exports
      let module = {}
      if (debug) { 
      if (module.exports) 
        return module.exports   
    // In case package gets cute with node assumptions
    const process = {
      env: {
        NODE_ENV: undefined


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