Todoist Quick Add V3 - With Notes, Reminders, and default project

Posted by davenicholls, Last update about 2 years ago

Version 3 of my Todoist Quick Add API Action. Updated 14 Jan 2020 to use the V8 API

Updated 19/9/2020 to include the new auto_reminder parameter added to the API to ensure that auto reminder times are honoured. If you don’t want this then check the JS code, there is a comment that explains how to turn it off.

Because the Quick Add API is used tasks can be added to specific projects and with specific due dates/times e.g.:

Buy beer tomorrow 1pm #Party p1
Call Pete #Work friday 3pm

You can also add notes and reminders. These should be added using the following parameters, after the main task text:

--note : Allows a note to be included
--reminder : Allows a reminder time to be included

Because “--” is used to indicate the options it cannot be used as part of any regular text.

Each task can include either or both as required e.g.:

Call Fred tomorrow 9pm
Call Joe Wednesday 4pm --note This is a note
Call Pete Thursday 3pm --reminder Thursday 2:30pm
Call Sue Friday 6pm --note Add a note --reminder Friday 5:45pm
Call Helen Saturday 2pm --reminder Saturday 1pm --note One more note

It is also possible to set a default project that will be used for subsequent tasks. Set the default project by putting #projectname at the beginning of a new line. Examples:

Write letter to Santa 1st December <- This will go to the inbox
Delete Facebook #personal tomorrow <- This will go into personal
#work <- This sets the default project to work
File Expenses friday 9am <- WIll be added to work
Clean Shoes #personal <- Will ignore default and go to personal
Organise planning meeting <- Added to work
#holiday <- Sets new default project
Book flights <- Added to holiday
Buy suitcase <- Added to holiday

Note: Unlike the Quick Add entries in the Todoist App, the quick add API doesn’t work with multi word project names. It also doesn’t automatically add new projects.


  • script

    var credential = Credential.create("Todoist", "Todoist API");
    credential.addTextField("token", "Token");
    var result = credential.authorize();
    if (!result) {
    	alert("Failed to obtain credentials. Please check and retry");
    	context.cancel("Failed to obtain credentials");
    else {
    	if (typeof(credential.getValue("token")) === 'undefined' || String(credential.getValue("token")).length == 0) {
    		alert("Todoist token is blank. Please rerun action and enter token again");
    		context.cancel("Todoist token was blank");
    	else {
    		// check to see if draft is blank
    		var content = draft.content;
    		var check = content.length;
    		if (content.length == 0) {
    			alert("Draft is blank");
    			context.cancel("Draft was blank");
    		else {
    			// Call API for each line in a draft
    			var newDraft = "";
    			var defaultProject = "";
    			// split draft and loop over lines
    			var lines = draft.content.split("\n");
    			var http = HTTP.create(); // create HTTP object
    			for (var line of lines) {
    				if (line.length == 0) {
    				else {
    					var proj = line.match(/^#(\S+)\s*/m);
    					if (proj) {
    						defaultProject = proj[1];
    						newDraft+= line + "\n"
    					else {
    						var parts = line.split("--");
    						if (!parts[0].match(/#/m) && defaultProject != "") {
    							mainPart= parts[0]+' #'+defaultProject;
    						else {
    						// Modified 19/09/2020 to add auto_reminder. If you don't want auto_reminders added change 'true' to 'false'
    						var params = {"token":credential.getValue("token"),"text":mainPart,"auto_reminder":true};
    						if (parts.length != 1) {
    							for (i = 1; i < parts.length; i++) {
    								var opt=parts[i].split(" ",1);
    								switch (String(opt)) {
    									case 'note':
    									case "reminder":
    									  	console.log("Bad parameter - "+ opt);
    										break;								}
    						var response = http.request({
    						  	"url": "",
    					  		"method": "POST",
    						  	"data": params
    						if (response.success) {
    							newDraft+= line + " - OK\n"
    						else {
    							newDraft+= line + " - Failed\n"


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