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Just a total rough draft (on a beta!) but already useful to me. I hope to stay up with this as Hyperdeck develops.

Here’s a way to quickly process Markdown to make it useable for the new app (forthcoming). It does several processes at once—all of them easy enough to change within the script to suit your preferences.

  • Any of these in the text will trigger a slide seperater (new slide)

  • All Zoom comments (when teaching I sometimes drop student questions directly from the chat into hyperdeck so the entire class can see it nicely formatted)

  • 🌠 signs

  • Or ^

  • This as a bullet marker will trigger speaker notes (currently not working in the hyperdeck beta). Meaning any occurrences of “- *” becomes “;;”

This gets really useful using this shortcut which pulls from the clipboard, runs it through this action, saves it back to the Clipboard and opens Hyperdeck.


  • script

    // Hyperdeck Script
    // Replaces all Zoom style comments with slide breaks.
    draft.content = draft.content.replace(/From.*?M\)/g, "***");
    // Replaces ^ with ***
    draft.content = draft.content.replace(/\^/g, "***");
    // Replaces “- *” with ;;
    draft.content = draft.content.replace(/- \*/g, ";; ");
    // Replaces 🌠 with ***
    draft.content = draft.content.replace(/🌠/g, "***");


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