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Posted by @FlohGro, Last update over 1 year ago

this action was build by inspiration form this entry in the drafts forum:
Credits to @RoyRogers - i stole some code from your examples and actions..
This action will search the current draft for markdown formatted urls - e.g. (I inserted a „]‘(„ between the brackets to prevent the description to display only the urls):

[Google]‘( this is famous search engine
text before [Bear]‘(bear://) and text after
[text in brackets, no problem] [OneNote]‘(onenote://open)

It will search through the draft immediately open the url if only one url is inside the draft.
If there are several urls, a prompt with the URL titles as buttons will be displayed to select the url to open.
The urls are opened with safari, to enable „callback“ links (e.g. drafts://open..)


  • script

    // open markdown url
    const content = draft.content;
    // regel to match markdown urls "[]()”
    let regex = /\[([^\[]+)\]\(([^\[]+)\)/g
    // prompt to select the url to open
    var pSelUrl = Prompt.create();
    // flag to indische if any url was found.
    var foundUrlCounter = 0;
    // if only one url is in the note - open it directly - first url will be stored in this variable
    var firstURL = '';
    var urlToOpen;
    let foundUrl = findAndStoreUrls();
    if (foundUrl) {
      urlToOpen = getUrlToOpen();
    } else {
      let message = "no markdown url '[..](..)' found in draft";
    if (foundUrl) {
      if (urlToOpen) {
      } else {
        let message = "no url to open selected";
    // functions
    // stores the found urls in the prompt as buttons
    function findAndStoreUrls() {
      var matches = [...content.matchAll(regex)]
      if (matches) {
        for (match of matches) {
          let description = match[1];
          let url = match[2];
          // add "http://" if the url is no callback url and just witten as domain.
          if (!url.match(/:\/\//)) {
            url = 'http://' + url;
          // add the found url to the prompt
          pSelUrl.addButton(description, url);
          if (foundUrlCounter == 1) {
            firstURL = url;
      if (foundUrlCounter == 0) {
        return false;
      } else {
        return true;
    function getUrlToOpen() {
      if (foundUrlCounter == 1) {
        return firstURL;
      } else if (foundUrlCounter > 0) {
        pSelUrl.title = "select URL:";
        var didSelect =;
        if (didSelect) {
          return pSelUrl.buttonPressed;
    function openURL(url) {
      let success = app.openURL(url, false);
      if (!success) {
        let message = "failed to open url: " + url;


  • After Success Nothing
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