Add Task(s) to a Taskpaper File Inbox in Dropbox

Posted by Dave's Davetime, Last update about 4 years ago

Adds the current draft task(s) to inbox section, at the start of the Taskpaper document in Dropbox.


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  • script

    // addToInbox.js
    // Takes a Draft and adds one or more tasks to a Taskpaper file.
    /* Pseudo Code:
    - Count number of tasks/lines from focused editor - getAndCleanTasksToAdd()
    - Open up file from Dropbox and read into memory - openAndCheckTaskpaperFile ( filePathAndName )
    - Check for existence of inbox header - openAndCheckTaskpaperFile ( filePathAndName )
    - Insert line(s) at 2nd line position of file (after inbox header)
    - Put selected text into 2nd line position of file.
    - Save file back to Dropbox
    - Archive draft containing task(s)
    // Set local varible to the Dropbox folder/filename where TaskPaper document is stored
    let filePathAndName = "/Taskpaper/<REPLACE WITH FILENAME>.taskpaper"
    let tasks =  getAndCleanTasksToAdd() 
    let textToBeWorkedUpon = openAndCheckTaskpaperFile(filePathAndName) 
    let newFileContent = constructNewFileConent(textToBeWorkedUpon, tasks)
    overwriteTaskpaperFileToDropbox(filePathAndName, newFileContent )
    function getAndCleanTasksToAdd () {
    // Take the current draft and split into tasks based on lines.   Blank lines are removed.  Returns an array with the individual tasks as elements.
    	let newTaskText = editor.getText()
    	let importedLines = newTaskText.split(/\r\n|\r|\n/)
    	let numberOfLines = importedLines.length
    	// remove blank lines
    	let cleanLines = new Array()
    	let numberOfRemovedLines = 0
    	for (i = 0; i < numberOfLines; i++) {
    		// if line only has EOL character...then it is blank.
    		if ( importedLines[i].length > 1 ) {
    		} //end if
    	} //end for
    	return cleanLines
    function openAndCheckTaskpaperFile ( filePathAndName ) {
    // Open the passed file, does a rudementary check for expected Taskpaper format (i.e. file starts with "Inbox:") and gets ready for tasks be added
    	// Hardcoded file name for develpment/debugging purposes.
    	// var filename = '/Taskpaper/Personal-test.taskpaper';
    	let d = Draft.create();
    	// Get the file from Dropbox and set draft to it.
    	var db = Dropbox.create();
    	var fileContent =;
    	d.content = fileContent;
    	// Check for existence of inbox header
    	if (d.title != "Inbox:") {
    		//alert ("This file looks good!")
    		throw new Error("File " + filePathAndName + " doesn't seem to be expected Taskpaper format");
    	console.log("File open, checked and ready for task(s) import")
    	return d.content
    function constructNewFileConent(textToBeWorkedUpon, tasks) {
    //creates the new Taskpaper file contents, based on the existing file text (textToBeWorkedUpon) and an array of new tasks (tasks) to add to the top of the existing file in order.  Returns the new file content as a string.
    	// Cut out the Inbox: prefix	
    	let newText = "Inbox:\n\t"
    	//Iterate backward through the list of new task (to add them into the righ order they were created in), and add tasks directly after the prefix.
    	for (i = tasks.length -1; i >= 0; i--) {
    		newText = textToBeWorkedUpon.slice(0, 8) + "- " + tasks[i] + "\n\t" + textToBeWorkedUpon.slice(8)
    		textToBeWorkedUpon = newText
    return textToBeWorkedUpon
    function overwriteTaskpaperFileToDropbox( filePathAndName, newFileContent ) {
    // Overwrites the Taskpaper file located at filePathAndName with the passed string (newFileContent) 
    	// create Dropbox object
    	let db = Dropbox.create();
    	// setup variables
    	let path = filePathAndName;
    	let content = newFileContent;
    	// write to file on Dropbox
    	let success = db.write(path, content, "overwrite", true);
    	if (success) { // write worked!
    	  var dbContent =;
    	  if (dbContent) { // read worked!
    	    if (dbContent == content) {
    	     console.log("File contents match!");
    	    else {
    	      console.log("File did not match");
    	  else { // read failed, log error
    	else { // write failed, log error
    // © Rapid Definition 2020
    // Software is provided as is, with no support or warranty implied


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