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Posted by @macdhuibh, Last update almost 4 years ago

This action makes link in Markdown from a selected URL.

The link’s text is the Title of the page fetched from the URL.

For example:


[Do By Friday](


  • script

    function promptForTitle() {
    	let prompt = Prompt.create();
    	prompt.title = "URL to Markdown Link";
    	prompt.message = "Please add a title, we couldn't fetch the link's title from the internet";
    	prompt.addTextField("title", "Title", "");
    	prompt.addButton("Create link");
    	let didSelect =;
    	let title = prompt.fieldValues["title"];
    	if (prompt.buttonPressed == "Create link") {
    		createMarkdownLink(title, url)
    function promptForURL() {
    	let prompt = Prompt.create();
    	prompt.title = "URL to Markdown Link";
    	prompt.message = "Please provide a URL, so that we can try fetching the title from the internet";
    	prompt.addTextField("url", "URL", "");
    	let didSelect =;
     	return prompt.fieldValues["url"];
    function createMarkdownLink(title, url) {
    		markdown_link = `[${title}](${url})`
    let url = editor.getSelectedText() // Get selected URL
    if (url == "") {
    	url = promptForURL();
    var http = HTTP.create(); // create HTTP object
    var response = http.request({
    									"url": url,
    									"method": "GET",
    									}); // GET the HTML of the page
    if (response.success) {
    	var text = response.responseText;
    	// Grab the Title of the page
    	let re = new RegExp('<title>(.*?)<\/title>');
    	var title = re.exec(text);
    	if (title) {
    		title = title[1];
      		title = HTML.unescape(title);
    		createMarkdownLink(title, url);
    	else {
    else if (response.error) {


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