Title and Links??

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An attempt to search and replace through the current workspace to ensure links are updated when the title of a note is changed.


  • script

    //This scripts prompts for a new title and then replaces the old title with it.// 
    //The script also searches the current workspace to locate links based on the old title, and updates them.//
    // prompt for new title.// 
    let p = Prompt.create();
    p.title = "New Title";
    p.message = "Enter the new title. The old title and all links using that title will be replaced by the new title."; 
    p.addTextField("newTitle", "New Title", "", {
    	"placeholder": " ",
    	"autocorrect": false,
    	"autocapitalization": "none",
    	"wantsFocus": true
    if ( {
    	//Establish variables for the old and new titles and the old and new links.//
    	let oldTitle = draft.displayTitle;
    	let oldLink = `[[${oldTitle}]]`;
    	let newTitle = p.fieldValues["newTitle"];
    	let newLink = `[[${newTitle}]]`;
    	//verify that titles and links were correctly formed. 
    	alert(oldTitle + " is Old Title. ");
    	alert(newTitle + " is New Title.");
    	alert(oldLink + " is Old Link. ");
    	alert(newLink + " is New Link.");
    	//Update the title of the draft.//
    	draft.content = draft.content.replaceAll(oldTitle, newTitle);	draft.update();
    	//Search the current workspace looking for links based on the old title and update them.//
    	let count = 0
    	var drafts = app.currentWorkspace.query("all");
    			for (let d of drafts) {
       		 if (d.uuid != draft.uuid) {
         		   d.content = d.content.replaceAll(oldLink, newLink);
    		alert(count + "drafts evaluated.");


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