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Posted by agiletortoise, Last update 8 months ago

The Inbox Sweeper action can move any drafts which have not been modified since a selected date from the inbox to the archive, optionally assigning a tag to those drafts which were archived.

The action will prompt for the cut off date (defaulting to one month ago), and will prompt to confirm the number of drafts which will be affected before continuing.



  • script

    let initialDate = Date.today().addMonths(-1);
    let initialTagSuggestion = "";
    let f = () => {
       let p = Prompt.create();
       p.title = "Inbox Sweeper";
       p.message = "Archive drafts from the inbox which have not be modified since before the selected date. Optionally assign a tag to those drafts when archiving.";
       p.addDatePicker("date", "Date", initialDate, {
           "mode": "date",
           "maximumDate": Date.today()
       p.addTextField("tag", "Assign tag", initialTagSuggestion, {
           "placeholder": "optional tag",
           "autocapitalization": "none"
       if (!p.show()) {
           return 1; // cancel
       let cutoffDate = p.fieldValues["date"];
       let assignTag = p.fieldValues["tag"];
       let queriedDrafts = Draft.query("", "inbox", [], [], "modified", true);
       let filteredDrafts = queriedDrafts.filter(d => d.modifiedAt < cutoffDate);
       if (filteredDrafts.length == 0) {
           alert("No drafts older than the selected date found, no changes made.");
           return 1;
       let confirm = Prompt.create();
       confirm.title = "Archive Drafts";
       var msg = `Found ${filteredDrafts.length} draft(s). Archive these drafts?`;
       if (assignTag.length > 0) {
           msg += `\n\nArchived drafts will be assigned the tag "${assignTag}"`;
       confirm.message = msg;
       confirm.addButton("Archive Drafts");
       if (!confirm.show()) {
           return 1; // cancelled
       for (let d of filteredDrafts) {
           d.isArchived = true;
           if (assignTag.length > 0) {
       console.log(`Archived ${filteredDrafts.length} drafts(s).`); 
       return 0;
    let result = f();
    switch (result) {
       case -1: context.fail(); break;
       case 1: context.cancel(); break;


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